How does lead gen work?


Your a new business and you want people to walk through your door and buy your product or service. You want to get people to your website or social media site to buy your product or call you for service.  Whether your a local business or an online business, whether you utilize the internet or not, you need people to come to see your offer and buy from you, you need leads!

Where Do I Start?

With the internet being one of the greatest sources to show your offers, its the perfect place to start to build traffic and get leads. It all starts online!

Keyword research is “KEY”

Every great online campaign to market your online or local business starts with proper keyword research, most keyword research campaigns like those on self-serve sites and free sites just scratch the surface. With a  when you start to realize how many phrases and keyword variations people are using to search for what your selling.

Have you heard “Content is King” before?

Well, it’s true, and you’ll need lots of it no matter if you generate leads from paid ads, organic leads or buy leads, original content written in your voice with high standards using well researched keywords and topics is KEY to delivering your message to target the right audience and deliver you the quality and quantity of leads you desire.

Top Ways to Get Leads

  • buy leads for a personalized in house email marketing campaign
  • lead scrapers like lead recon can drill into detailed info on your lead including the technology they are using and much more – or are a good start.
  • setup lead gen funnels with lead companies on a cost per lead basis

Getting Leads from online Groups of business owners


  • setup your target markets in platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook where you’ll find plenty of groups that have members that fit your audience
  • create a high quality content article that can be turned into a downloadable whitepaper and add that in a sales funnel on your website
  • contact the groups moderators and setup a jv program with them, basically ask them if you can send an offer to the members
  • jv with as many groups as possible that fit your ideal audience in multiple online forums
  • engage with local business groups, breakfast clubs at chamber of commerce or other local clubs

Create a killer Content series to add to your Sales funnel

  • create an evergreen webinar series (a set it and forget it product launch style series) to increase your leads and turn into prospects
  • have a killer offer in your presentation that they cant say no to, like a custom app they can download for free with your branding
  • create a  podcast series any business can follow to help educate them more about the benefits of what you offer

Paid leads can get you traffic and sales tomorrow

Paid leads can be very lucrative to send traffic to your sales funnel, determine the best advertising sites to use for paid leads that fit your business model and has your best target audience

  • Facebook ads are a terrific to help you refine your audience well and use that knowledge in your overall marketing campaign and (can generate many good leads if done correctly
  • YouTube video ads (via Google Ads) cost very little to show your videos and can target your ads to show on your competitors YT channels. It can be a super inexpensive platform for lots of leads.
  • Referral partnerships (setup with group owners or companies that represent groups of local businesses)

SEO as a long term strategy for leads

A good SEO campaign will deliver high converting leads for years to come and will also help build the net worth of your business at the same time. Yes, its the long game for getting leads tomorrow but, you might be surprised at how quickly a good SEO campaign can get up and running and start getting you strong leads.

SEO is a great value to add to any business marketing campaign that plans on sticking around for a while.

  • SEO processes like blogging, and content backlink methods, are a very strong foundational part of an organic campaign, which drive traffic to your website and trigger strong SEO signals to Google
  • Press releases are a great way of getting content out to Google via a large variety of high authority sites and will contribute to your SEO campaign in many ways.
  • Start with a strong SEO campaign that builds core components to establish your foundation and build your brand and identity online


HubSpot offers a free CRM and can help with your conversion and handling leads. Crazy Egg gives a free Heatmap tool which can also help you see how visitors to your website are viewing your offer. Use the SEO blueprint reports and keyword reports from SEO Design Solutions.


What’s Conversion All About?

Conversion is all about how you present your offer, your product or service on a landing page. Some say a good landing page is worth a thousand dollars, but a great landing page is worth a million bucks.. Which of those would you like to have? One of the most critical items to think about when doing lead gen is to match the keyword that sent people to your offer.

If you get a lead to your sales funnel using a keyword set that is different that what your offering.. your conversion will be very low and you will lose alot of potentially good leads. And that applies to advertising campaigns as well as on page content.

  • Many use A/B testing, or use multiple landing pages for different offers
  • monitor click through rate (CTR) of keywords in your advertising campaigns
  • cull as needed, add new as needed
  • deliver to your target audience with as much specificity as possible whether its geographic, age, sex,
  • learn from your campaigns and refine your audience even more, let it reflect on all your landing pages, social media, website and communications with customers


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