How to Create Review Pages via a static URL?

Review Static URLs are a great way to send out review acquisitions to customers on channels apart from Email and SMS.

With Review Static URLs you can create URLs that you can share with your customers directly to obtain Reviews or Feedback.

To Get Started With Creating Review Static URLs:

Click Review Acquisitions in the overhead Navigation Bar.

Then select the Acquisitions option, and click +Acquire New Acquisitions.

Creating Review Pages via a static URL

Select the ‘Review Pages via a static URL’ option.

Step 1: Build Your Review Page

Set your page details, and customize your content to create branded review page URLs. You can preview the landing page that customers will see when reviewing your static URL on the right preview panel.

  • Add a Review page Name – Enter a unique name that allows you to identify the review page objective.
  • Choose a/the Location/s– Click ‘Select Location Manually’ and choose a location. You can use filters to make your searches more relevant.

Step 2: Customize your Review page

  • Branding – To make your branding more prominent you can upload a business logo and enter your business name.
  • Enable the toggle switch and click Select Logo Manually. If you do not want to display a logo in your emails, you can disable this toggle switch.
  • Custom Messaging – Include a landing page which is a Question – this is the review request displayed at the top
  • Styling – You can set the colors of the template to match your branding.
  • Advanced Customization
  • Set a threshold to define positive reviews for your business. If you receive reviews less than a set threshold, you can reach out to customers to understand and improve their experiences.

Step 3: Landing Page

Add the Landing Page Heading & Landing Page Content

Type in a Relevant Heading for the Page, and a message to request customers to review your business.

Note: Your Landing page title can have up to 50 characters. For your email content, your message can have up to 1000 characters.

Once you’ve set your review page details you can generate a shareable link to your Review Pages via a static URL.

Publishing your Review Pages via a static URL

Scroll to the top of the page and click Publish this Acquisition.

Copy the review page link generated and share this link across platforms with your customers.



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