How to Add Customers to Active & Scheduled Acquisitions

Click Review Acquisitions from the overhead navigation bar to access all your active & older review acquisitions.

Choose an acquisition, to which you want to add more recipients.

Click Add More Users displayed below the Acquisition name.

  • You can choose to add customers individually or add multiple customers at once via a CSV upload.
  • Enter your customer’s name and an email address or a contact number.
  • Click +Add another customer to add another field.
  • To add multiple customers via CSV – click on the Upload CSV option.
  • Click Done, once you have added the additional users.
  • Click Download sample CSV template to see the expected CSV upload format.
  • Open this template using a spreadsheet program (like MS Excel or Google Spreadsheets) and fill in your customer information.


Note: You can add over 1000 recipients using CSV to your campaign.



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