1.Determine the status of your “Google My Business” listing

  • Go to Google.com.
  • Enter the name of your business and city in the search field.
  • For example, “Nourish Me Cafe Ketchum” as in the screenshot below.
  • Take a look at the Knowledge Panel on the right hand side of the search results.
  • What an unclaimed business looks like in the GMB Knowledge Panel.
    A claimed business would not have the Own this business? link.
  • Just below your phone number, look for a link that says “Own this business?”
  • If you DO see the “Own this business?” link, your business is NOT claimed and you will need to claim it first in Step 2 below.
  • If you DO NOT see the “Own this business?” link, but just the “Suggest an edit” link, your business IS already claimed. So at this point you can login to business.google.com and proceed to Step x***.


2. Claim your listing.

  • Click on the “Own this business?” link which takes you to Google My Business page and click the Next button without changing or correcting your business name to avoid creating a second listing. You can change anything you want to, including your business name, later.
  • Place your cursor in the Business Name field and look at the drop down choices. Choose the most appropriate one without correcting anything.
  • Click the Next button.

3. Fill in your listing.

  • Fill in your listing as close as you can to how the Post Office delivers your mail to a physical address.
  • If there are errors, correct them. If there is missing info, add it.
  • Check the box at the bottom if you deliver goods or services. If you are uncertain, ask yourself if you serve your customers away from the address you entered. If yes, check the box.
  • This is an important distinction and your GMB listing will display different characteristics based on whether you have a brick and mortar business or a service-based business so pay attention to whether or not you check this box.
  • Another box will then open asking you if you want to hide your address. Check this box if you ONLY serve your customers away from your business location (for example, home-based service businesses).
  • Click the Next button.

Where are you located?

You may or may not see the “Where are you located?” screen below. If it appears, drag the pin as close to your main entrance as possible.


What kind of business do you run?

Choose an appropriate category and don’t worry too much about this right now. You’ll have a chance to add or modify your categories later.

Click the Next button.


Make connections (optional)

Fill in or correct your phone number and website address.

Click the Next button.


Verify your connection to this business

Click Continue.


Choose a way to verify

If you checked location based business, Google will give you several choices for verification which may include phone verification, mail verification, text verification and/or Google Hangout verification. Phone or text is usually the easiest. If possible, choose any option but mail so you can get your verification code instantly and continue the process.

Click the Call or Text button to instantly get your verification code.

If you checked Service based business, you will only have verification by mail as an option:

Service based businesses will need to be verified by mail.

You’ll then see…

So watch out for a postcard from Google that looks like this. It will be mailed to the address you provided…

Example of a GMB postcard with a verification code.

Once you receive your postcard, follow the instructions on it and enter your verification code and submit it to verify your business.

Click Get Started or go to business.google.com and log in.


4. Upload your photos and video



5. Create and publish posts.


6. Build your GMB website.