Citations for local business

Citations are the most notable high authority backlinks a local business can get with little effort. When your citations are synched correctly the benefits are great providing powerful backlinks and N.A.P validation for your brand and entity. Citations are well suited for service based business and local brick and mortar businesses.

We start your local business with the following:

  • Cleaning up your citations

Because so many citation service sites grab listings data based on aggregator and Google maps info your listing may already be on a premium or secondary citation site. A citation audit (cleanup) is probably in order in most cases. This is time consuming to order and audit, check sometimes up to 100 listings for accuracy for correct Name, Address, Phone (NAP) info and website info, etc.


Bongo automatically allows you to add and edit your current business info from your dashboard and it will automatically synchronize your business info (YEXT STYLE) and keep it synched up via our custom api technology.


  • Reporting

Reporting is one of the foundational items we believe are how we can document growth and change in your online business by providing important insights, tracking data for your Google business dashboard, website, and network properties. By using multiple analytics & tracking tools to monitor and records the various movements of all your web properties is how we determine status of an entity on any day, week or month



Scan your business listing: https://scan.bluprint.business/